Running gear

A quality undercarriage is crucial to the safety and comfort of your vehicle, and regular maintenance and the use of quality auto parts can extend the life of your vehicle.


The complexity of modern engines requires careful maintenance, including regular oil level checks and the use of quality products from leading manufacturers.

Computer diagnostics

The service has the necessary equipment and specialists to perform computer diagnostics. This process is essential for detecting problems and defects in computer systems.

Electrical installation

A vehicle's electrical system is critical to its performance on the road, and malfunctions require knowledge of the vehicle's electronics and special tools to detect and correct them.

Ambrilage system

The transmission in cars is essential for transferring motion from the engine to the wheels. There are two main types of transmissions - rear and front-wheel drive, as well as a newer class of 4x4 or 4WD off-road vehicles.

Air conditioning system

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, it's important to note that regular preventive maintenance, including checking and changing the air filter, can have a big impact on both engine efficiency and fuel consumption.